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“Teaching Writing with Global Issues: Why and How (part 2)” by Soni Adhikari

Join our Program in Writing and Rhetoric’s very own Soni Adhikari as she shares part two of her two part piece on the importance of emphasizing global perspectives in her students’ writing! Click here to read part 1! Teaching Writing with … Continue reading

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PWR’s In the Spotlight – An Interview with Dr. Shyam Sharma

Check out Saher Jafri’s interview with one of Stony Brook University’s finest faculty members! “PWR’s Spotlight is on one of the five exceptionally caring professors who were recently recipients of the annual College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Excellence Award. Representing the Humanities, … Continue reading

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Traveling (to class) Tales

Join our Writing and Rhetoric Program’s faculty in our flash non-fiction narratives about the most daunting challenges we’ve overcome to make it to class – a creative collaboration featuring Carolyn Sofia, MaryAnn Duffy, and Joseph Labriola. “Commitment” – by Carolyn Sofia Twenty-five years ago I was … Continue reading

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Pacing Grading Pacing – Tricks and Tips on How to Organize and Manage Grading Papers

Ahhh…the fall… Colorful leaves, crisp breezes, pumpkin-spice everything. These seasonal wonders might not be fully upon us yet, but never mind that “autumn” doesn’t officially begin until September 22. For most intents and purposes, the summer, sadly, is over. As … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric, Visual Argument: Reading Images Responsibly by Rita S. Nezami

  “Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak.” – John Berger, Ways of Seeing   The power of visual rhetoric is monumental. An image can often have a greater impact on an audience than … Continue reading

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Motion + Creation + College Writing = Real-World Relevance: Jessica Hautsch & Writing Students Writing Grammar Skits

In what I hope is the first part of an eventually recurring series, we’re looking at an exercise created by a professor for the classroom. Today we’re talking to Jessica Hautsch, a writing professor at Stony Brook University, to discuss … Continue reading

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My “GWID” conundrums

by Shyam Sharma When I taught the graduate-level writing in the disciplines (or “GWID,” as I call it) course last spring, which had a lot of nonnative English speaking (NNES) students, I faced a lot of conundrums. How much time … Continue reading

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A Reflection on Student Conferences and Teaching, by Marilyn Zucker

For the past week, I’ve had students come in for conferences, talking one-on-one with them about their research essays. As they arrive at my office, I hand them the draft I’ve commented on. I ask them to sit in the … Continue reading

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I Could Never Teach Writing, by Susan Scarf Merrell

“I could never teach writing,” a literary novelist of my acquaintance said emphatically over dinner the other night. His reading to our MFA students had run long, and each of the book buyers waiting to meet him had asked additional … Continue reading

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Round One, by Joseph Labriola

Syllabus drafting, lesson planning, in-class activity organizing, homework plotting— you can spend every heavy blink of your groggy mornings and stretching yawn of your delirious late nights scratching your brain to try and perfect the perfect college class. No matter … Continue reading

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