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How To Find Your Forte

By: Linda Jafa      Forte means standing tall and strong. It is an area in which you excel, succeed, shine, and triumph. Sometimes you can feel lost like a compass without a direction and finding your forte may seem … Continue reading

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The Somewhere I Started

By: Camille Palarpalar      I have always admired those who started new projects without any fear – those who do not look at a new club to join, a new story to write, or even a new book to … Continue reading

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Walk in the Snow

by: Sultan Kaur         Cold air brushes against her face, sending her long brown hair twirling into the night sky. The stars were twinkling and lighting her path this night. Her footsteps made light footprints in the … Continue reading

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Life and Death and the Ocean Depths

By: Robert Burmeister      Most of what we know about anything in life is molded and restricted by the barrier of our own perceptions and perspectives. This applies to life itself. Without knowing who you are, I can say … Continue reading

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[CLOSED] Halloween Writing Contest

10/25/2018 Update: Our contest is closed! Winners will be notified by email before  midnight 10/26. We will also be doing a reading (with permission from winners) on Wednesday, 10/31 (Halloween!) during campus lifetime in Humanities 2030. It’s October, so that … Continue reading

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A Monster of a Draft (Part Three)

Join the Program in Writing and Rhetoric’s very own Kimberly Towers-Kubik as she continues exploring the complexities of assessing paper drafts in part three of her four part series! (Click here to check out part two) Part Three: Modern Complications … Continue reading

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Beyond the Word

by Joe Labriola I recently sat down with Stony Brook University’s Undergraduate Student President, Ayyan Zubair – before his speech to the campus community about the recent ending of DACA – to discuss the role of writing, rhetoric, and effective … Continue reading

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PWR’s In the Spotlight – An Interview with Dr. Shyam Sharma

Check out Saher Jafri’s interview with one of Stony Brook University’s finest faculty members! “PWR’s Spotlight is on one of the five exceptionally caring professors who were recently recipients of the annual College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Excellence Award. Representing the Humanities, … Continue reading

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“The Island of Jiji” by Shyam Sharma

Join Shyam Sharma as he takes us on a riveting journey through the Ocean of Cross-Cultural Perspectives to the Island of Jiji! The first semester of my teaching in the United States, about a decade ago in Kentucky, one student … Continue reading

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Advanced(A) Placement(P) City

Joe Labriola, or Prof Labs, as his students call him, is a writer, editor, professor, etc. living the dream of insomniac nights chugging caffeine, grading papers, and writing fantasy/sci-fi/contemporary fiction novels. He writes both prose and poetry, and, sometimes, actually does semi-lucrative work like copy-editing. Continue reading

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