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Beyond the Word

by Joe Labriola I recently sat down with Stony Brook University’s Undergraduate Student President, Ayyan Zubair – before his speech to the campus community about the recent ending of DACA – to discuss the role of writing, rhetoric, and effective … Continue reading

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Summer Happenings with PWR: Pre-College Institute

by Program in Writing and Rhetoric Faculty      With summer in full steam, so is Stony Brook’s PWR! In addition to offering many inter-semester courses, Stony Brook’s Writing and Rhetoric faculty are involved in a wide range of further … Continue reading

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“The Island of Jiji” by Shyam Sharma

Join Shyam Sharma as he takes us on a riveting journey through the Ocean of Cross-Cultural Perspectives to the Island of Jiji! The first semester of my teaching in the United States, about a decade ago in Kentucky, one student … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric, Visual Argument: Reading Images Responsibly by Rita S. Nezami

  “Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak.” – John Berger, Ways of Seeing   The power of visual rhetoric is monumental. An image can often have a greater impact on an audience than … Continue reading

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Blogfolios: Remediation of Ethos as Dwelling Place in the ePortfolio

Writing ePortfolio Corner Cynthia Davidson A home has doors to let people and goods and resources in and out, windows to let the air in and out.  There must be adequate access.  This brings to mind a story about my … Continue reading

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The Limits of Rhetoric

 Roger Thompson There are none, of course.  Or, so, apparently I’ve convinced a fair number of my students that there aren’t, even without attempting to do so. We’re working through our textbook, one that essentially posits rhetoric as the center of … Continue reading

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