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An Introduction to the Blog

Hello reader! If you have been a faithful follower throughout the times, you may have noticed some changes. We have switched from a faculty run blog to a student run blog. We are a group of motivated students with a … Continue reading

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[CLOSED] Halloween Writing Contest

10/25/2018 Update: Our contest is closed! Winners will be notified by email before  midnight 10/26. We will also be doing a reading (with permission from winners) on Wednesday, 10/31 (Halloween!) during campus lifetime in Humanities 2030. It’s October, so that … Continue reading

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Coffee Seminar: A Cup of Life Lessons

Teaching and learning comes in many forms – in this anecdote, Stony Brook University Writing and Rhetoric’s Joe Labriola explains the scholarly value of his end of semester fresh pour over coffee seminar! The end of the semester is a … Continue reading

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Faith as a Foundation of Professoring

Matthew Miranda  As a second-year professor, I’ve found some of my first-year anxieties were year-one specific. I’ve come to realize no matter how eager and willing I am to make myself available for each and every one of the living … Continue reading

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Understanding Veteran Students – Part I

Roger Thompson As writing instructors, we see a much wider swath of the student population than other faculty.  And, as writing instructors, we are likely confronted with personal histories in ways that faculty in other disciplines encounter.  Those ideas were … Continue reading

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Teaching Global Issues: Bringing the World into the Writing Class

Rita Nezami As Mohamed Bouazizi’s charred body lay in a hospital bed in Tunisia, I walked into the writing classroom in January 2011 and asked my students what they thought about the young Tunisian’s self-immolation. They looked at me with … Continue reading

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Mentoring Veteran Students

Roger Thompson Today I had a meeting with a graduate student in higher ed administration, and she is working with our Veterans Affairs office.  Herself a veteran, she is seeking ways to encourage mentorship of student veterans, and she was … Continue reading

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Helping International Students Transition and Succeed – II

by Shyam Sharma Part II: Specific Suggestions In the first part of this post, I highlighted some general difficulties that international students face during their academic transition, focusing on the challenge of understanding/embracing new ideas, assumptions, and approaches about learning and teaching … Continue reading

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Critical Response in the Writing Classroom

by Christopher Petty In my previous blog post (“Fostering Feedback: Dramaturgy and the Writing Classroom”), I discussed a similar need for constructive peer feedback between theatre and the writing classroom. I also mentioned that one of the biggest obstacles regarding … Continue reading

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Common Core

 by Matthew Miranda “Common Standards, then, far from offering solutions, exacerbate the problem, making our schools more like the vast tracks of monocultural corn fields blanketing the Midwest, fields that produce corn syrup for the processed food industries. If we … Continue reading

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