Student Post – 2

Celebrating Student Writing

Terri Squires

There is an old saying to write what you know, and that is what my stories will do. While my books are primarily fiction with a bit of fantasy, they are going to cover some real world tough subjects, such as bullying, abuse, and drug addiction. A little over a year ago in one of my writing classes, I recall a classmate complaining that her mother thought she wouldn’t be a great writer. Why, because apparently she hadn’t suffered in her youth. When she said that out loud, something clicked inside of me. While I had spoken of my past many times, I had never written it down. I wrote of my experience of being bullied, and the abuse I suffered at the hands of a close family member. I have to admit that I was horrified when my professor suggested peer review of this essay in class. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let anyone read my paper last year. Why was I still hiding from my past after all of these years? A past where I was the innocent victim? Perhaps, I didn’t want to be pitied. Looking back, it was wrong of me not to share my story with the class. I have since posted the entire essay in my Stony Brook e-portfolio for anyone to see.

Context of the excerpt above provided by the writer: 
"This is small part of the my script for my digital story that I did this semester. It is posted in my SBU Digication e-portolio." 

In this column, we will include brief excerpts of student writing (submitted by students, with permission). If you’d like your writing to be featured on this writing teachers’ blog, you can submit it via this convenient form.

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