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Putting Everything On the Line?

 Part I Part II Part III Part IV… … Optimizing the Affordances, Minding the Pitfalls Shyam Sharma and Christopher Petty Especially after the advent of web 2.0 applications, the landscape of teaching writing is drastically changing. In many ways, writing teachers … Continue reading

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Mentoring Veteran Students

Roger Thompson Today I had a meeting with a graduate student in higher ed administration, and she is working with our Veterans Affairs office.  Herself a veteran, she is seeking ways to encourage mentorship of student veterans, and she was … Continue reading

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The Class on Fire…

… Why I Taught The Hunger Games (in my college writing class) Becky Goldberg In the spring semester of 2012, in the first two writing classes that I taught as a lecturer and not a graduate student, I took a … Continue reading

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Metaphor, the Magic Modifier

MaryAnn Duffy My favorite part of the semester is about halfway through when the students can identify the elements of a sentence and start focusing on their own writing style and its rhetorical effects. Students first complete a tally of … Continue reading

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Student Writing – 1

Celebrating Student Writing Linda Milano* When companies recall products due to the potential dangers they pose to public safety, customers normally expect them to take full responsibility and be completely transparent. However, how a company that is in trouble in … Continue reading

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