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Helping International Students Transition and Succeed – II

by Shyam Sharma Part II: Specific Suggestions In the first part of this post, I highlighted some general difficulties that international students face during their academic transition, focusing on the challenge of understanding/embracing new ideas, assumptions, and approaches about learning and teaching … Continue reading

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Critical Response in the Writing Classroom

by Christopher Petty In my previous blog post (“Fostering Feedback: Dramaturgy and the Writing Classroom”), I discussed a similar need for constructive peer feedback between theatre and the writing classroom. I also mentioned that one of the biggest obstacles regarding … Continue reading

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Helping International Students Transition and Succeed – I

by Shyam Sharma Part I: The Big Picture Moving from one academic context into another, including in the case of academic disciplines and even levels, can be challenging for any student. But transitioning from the educational culture of one country … Continue reading

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Teaching the Personal Essay

By Rita S. Nezami  I love teaching the personal essay. Writing the personal essay deeply engages my students in the process once they get started and understand that they’re not trying to complete an assignment so much as they are … Continue reading

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Common Core

 by Matthew Miranda “Common Standards, then, far from offering solutions, exacerbate the problem, making our schools more like the vast tracks of monocultural corn fields blanketing the Midwest, fields that produce corn syrup for the processed food industries. If we … Continue reading

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Blogfolios: Remediation of Ethos as Dwelling Place in the ePortfolio

Writing ePortfolio Corner Cynthia Davidson A home has doors to let people and goods and resources in and out, windows to let the air in and out.  There must be adequate access.  This brings to mind a story about my … Continue reading

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