What is Happening To Me?

To Whom It May Concern, EMERGENCY! Keep an open mind, alright? We live in a world where 2 Broke Girls ran for six seasons and Daredevil only ran for three, so anything is possible. You don’t even know what those are yet, but it’s not important. I guess your equivalent would be that Law and … Continue reading What is Happening To Me?

How To Find Your Forte

By: Linda Jafa      Forte means standing tall and strong. It is an area in which you excel, succeed, shine, and triumph. Sometimes you can feel lost like a compass without a direction and finding your forte may seem out of reach. But, everyone can discover their calling, their destiny, the thing that makes … Continue reading How To Find Your Forte

The Somewhere I Started

By: Camille Palarpalar      I have always admired those who started new projects without any fear - those who do not look at a new club to join, a new story to write, or even a new book to read as a daunting challenge intruding on their reality. I found that questions endlessly accompany … Continue reading The Somewhere I Started

Life and Death and the Ocean Depths

By: Robert Burmeister      Most of what we know about anything in life is molded and restricted by the barrier of our own perceptions and perspectives. This applies to life itself. Without knowing who you are, I can say with almost 100% certainty that you’ve spent your whole life on the ground just like … Continue reading Life and Death and the Ocean Depths

An Introduction to the Blog

Hello reader! If you have been a faithful follower throughout the times, you may have noticed some changes. We have switched from a faculty run blog to a student run blog. We are a group of motivated students with a minor in writing, working as writers and editors to contribute to this blog. What this … Continue reading An Introduction to the Blog

[CLOSED] Halloween Writing Contest

10/25/2018 Update: Our contest is closed! Winners will be notified by email before  midnight 10/26. We will also be doing a reading (with permission from winners) on Wednesday, 10/31 (Halloween!) during campus lifetime in Humanities 2030. It's October, so that means the weather gets colder, the drinks get warmer, and the days get shorter. Spend … Continue reading [CLOSED] Halloween Writing Contest

Coffee Seminar: A Cup of Life Lessons

Teaching and learning comes in many forms - in this anecdote, Stony Brook University Writing and Rhetoric's Joe Labriola explains the scholarly value of his end of semester fresh pour over coffee seminar! The end of the semester is a time of substantial stress - for both students and teachers alike. The former often find … Continue reading Coffee Seminar: A Cup of Life Lessons

Professional Skills: Speaking

by Steven Dube (Part one in a series of articles on developing professional skills in the writing classroom.) Initial Fears Jerry Seinfeld has a bit about public speaking in which he references “a study that said speaking in front of a crowd is considered the number one fear of the average person… Number two was … Continue reading Professional Skills: Speaking