One Autumn day, a baseball flies into a dry well. The arc is perfect; the ball does not impact the walls of the well’s stony interior, landing perfectly half a foot away from the center, bouncing the remaining distance to rest a pupil in the well’s dusty brown iris. The boy who smacked it sprints … Continue reading Well

Words of Wisdom to Eager Student Researchers

At one point or another, students may find themselves looking to get involved with research. This is especially true at STEM-heavy institutions and may apply to students at all levels—whether they be high school students, undergraduates, or even resident physicians. Whether you’re considering a career in research and want to experience it firsthand or just … Continue reading Words of Wisdom to Eager Student Researchers

The Children of the Dark

The door slammed open, its rusted hinges protesting and its creaking frame barely withstanding the sudden impact. The sound startled Henry, even though he knew it was coming.     “Where are you, runt?” shouted Edgar, his voice echoing through the bedroom and reaching Henry where he hid. “If you don’t come out, you’ll be sorry!” … Continue reading The Children of the Dark

The Tale of Touch-Me-Nots

TRIGGER WARNING: This short story contains information about sexual assault and/or violence. In a land where the air was hot and the rain and sunshine fought for control of the skies, there lived a young wood nymph. Her name was Forspacia. Forspacia was regarded as the most beautiful creature of the forest. Those who knew … Continue reading The Tale of Touch-Me-Nots

What is Happening To Me?

To Whom It May Concern, EMERGENCY! Keep an open mind, alright? We live in a world where 2 Broke Girls ran for six seasons and Daredevil only ran for three, so anything is possible. You don’t even know what those are yet, but it’s not important. I guess your equivalent would be that Law and … Continue reading What is Happening To Me?

How To Find Your Forte

By: Linda Jafa      Forte means standing tall and strong. It is an area in which you excel, succeed, shine, and triumph. Sometimes you can feel lost like a compass without a direction and finding your forte may seem out of reach. But, everyone can discover their calling, their destiny, the thing that makes … Continue reading How To Find Your Forte

The Somewhere I Started

By: Camille Palarpalar      I have always admired those who started new projects without any fear - those who do not look at a new club to join, a new story to write, or even a new book to read as a daunting challenge intruding on their reality. I found that questions endlessly accompany … Continue reading The Somewhere I Started