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At Nightfall

By, Shay Maniscalco A Guide to Japanese names Seirei (say-ray) = a nature spirit who serves a higher god. A spirit reflects a natural element, animal, or celestial body and has magical abilities related to it.  Yokai (yoke-eye) = a lower class Seirei that is less powerful than an upper class, elemental Seirei.  Okami Seirei […]

The Cultivator

By, Melissa Brooks 7:02 PM. Polly peered at the tiny, neon green numbers on the microwave, staring intensely at the numbers as if she were trying to change them with her mind. 7:08 PM. Still too early. Her gaze trickled down as she skated her fingers across the smooth, icy surface of the grey marble […]

New Flesh

The weekend after Jon had broken free of unemployment, his car hit a body. He hadn’t been the one to do it, but the fingerprints were scuffed while he went to make the hole. It was hard to believe a man who hadn’t killed someone had any reason to prepare a grave. He was alone […]

The Demon’s Nest

The Adventures of Valery Callaghan Part 3 By, Shay Maniscalco Valery watched in terror as the man stalked toward her and Gavin. It was impossible to see his face in the low light, but she could see his eyes and was convinced it was the demon. He had come to collect the little flies that […]

Breaking and Entering

By, Britney Nam

Levi leaned over from his not-so-sturdy position and peered over the thick leaves down at the daunting twenty-foot drop. “Nope, nope, nope,” Levi whispered to himself as he scrambled backward until his back crashed against the rough bark, and he quickly flung his arms behind him to hold onto the only thing keeping him from becoming a bloodstain on the ground. Consciously reminding himself to breathe, he closed his eyes and rested his head against the tree in an attempt to slow his erratic breathing and calm his pounding heart.

Peas in a Pod

By, Patricia Paulynn Mallari 07:38 I arrived at the vaccination point of distribution (POD) at 07:00 sharp. I signed in, grabbed breakfast, and attended whatever was left of the briefing (of course I was late). I also made sure to greet my supervisor before heading over to the registration area. Right now, I’m waiting for […]